Compensation Policy

The consignor or the addressee has the right to submit a complaint within 24 hours from the time of receipt.

Compensation shall be made to the consignor or to the consignee in case the consignor assigned it.

Compensation shall be likewise according to the Communications Commission’s regulations after the availability of the below required documents:

  • The invoice issued for the product.
  • Bank account.

The carrier apologizes for the compensation in the absence of any of the previous requirements.

In the event of damage, the consignee must prove the damage by submitting a complaint within 24 hours from the time of receipt, attaching copies of the condition of the damaged shipment and proving that the damage is on the part of the carrier, and in the event that no complaint is submitted within the mentioned time, the consignee is considered implicitly accepting the shipment.

In cases of delay of delivery, the consignor shall be compensated with the value of the shipment, except in cases resulting from a delay due to emergency circumstances, or force majeure.

The consequences of a breach by the carrier or the consignor / consignee of his obligations:

The carrier is responsible for any losses resulting from the shipment’s damage or loss, for the period during which the shipment is in his custody, as well as for the delay in delivery if it is proved that the damage resulted from the intentional negligence of one of his employees or his representative.

The carrier is exempt from liability if it is proven that the damage was caused by the consignor, or the consignee, or both, or the cause is a defect in the shipment itself or its nature, or the cause is out of his control, such as force majeure.

The carrier is not considered to be responsible for the delay in the delivery of the shipment, its damage or its loss, if the cause was the consignor by providing wrong data or information about the nature of the goods. In such case, the consignor bears all losses and damages in the event that he does not provide sufficient documents, data and information, or if they are incorrect or not in conformity with reality.

The consignor will be responsible for any damage caused to the carrier if it is proved that this damage resulted from an error, negligence of the consignor or his employees or both.