Digital Supply Chain

A simple, reliable and user friendly way to transport your cargo.

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Register as a user to have access to a broad choice of vehicles, whether you are moving small or large items, for business or personal use.

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Driver Community

Register as a driver to have access to shipments that suit your vehicle type and your operating location. Suitable for individuals and companies.


Get paid on a regular and frequent basis, with competitively priced loads to maximise your income.

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Login to make yourself available to receive load bookings, accept and complete jobs, and track your payment information and payments.


Benefit from mlcGO support and assistance to make the most of your driving and job acceptance.


Enjoy optimisations that maximize the number of loads you can deliver within the same period of time with the most pay across the industry.

How do I sign up?

Download the App on the Google Play store to register and be accepted into the mlcGO driver community.

The features you will love

Access to a broad range of vehicles to move small items or large cargo over short, medium or long distances, giving you piece of mind, reliability and visibility of your cargo from point to point.
Ease of Shipping
Choose from one of our predefined categories or put in your own dimensions and weight if you know it.
Your cargo is traceable from point to point as you watch your driver making his way to your delivery point.
Estimated Quotes
Be aware of your shipping costs at the time of booking as quotes are made available through the system.
Your cargo is covered by our insurance policy in the unfortunate event of something happening while in transit

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